Home Intercom System
Model 3 Remote Unlocking Guard Unit

Management of residential tenants and the main entrance;
With the functions of receiving indoor unit alarm information and SOS information;

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Technical Parameters:

Working Voltage: DC18-24V±10%

Max Power Consumption: 10W

Working Current: 550mA

IP Grade: IP30

Electrostatic protection grade: 3

Anti-vibration protection grade: 3

Audio Distortion: 7%

Display: 10.1-inch TFT LCD

Resolution: 1024x600

Panel Material: Alum +Tempered Glass

Working Temp: -40 to 70

Operation: Touch Key-press + Touch Panel

Dimension(mm): 342×245×82

Color: Alum Color

Subject : Model 3 Remote Unlocking Guard Unit

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