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The Perfect Building Intercom System Solution Can Protect Communities Perfectly



Building intercom systems can be used in high-rise residential, apartment buildings inside and outside. It can also transfer information between users, control security doors and so on.

In an emergency, the user can alert the property center through the intercom system equipment. It has a fully functional, reliable performance, large capacity, and beautiful shape. And it is easy and convenient to install. Besides, it is well received by many users, and it has been widely used in safe living area.

The system mainly consists of outdoor unit, indoor unit, power supply, electric lock and other equipment.

Visitors can easily call and dialogue with the residents through the digital outdoor unit. And the user at home can control the opening and closing of the unit door. The system not only enhances the high-rise residential security work, but also greatly reduce many unnecessary troubles of up and down the stairs

The property management center can monitor the work of the intercom system by managing unit. If the entrance door of a residential building is opened illegally, the management unit will send an alarm signal and it will display the contents and location of the alarm.

Property management centers and residents can contact each other by the system, which is safer for living.

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