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The Xiamen Smart Home Industry Alliance was Established!



Under the guidance of the Xiamen Municipal Government, LEELEN joint GOLDHOME, MEIYA PICO, Shanghai ESSE Semiconductor Technology, Bestter(Xiamen) Technology, etc. formally established the Xiamen Smart Home Industry Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “the Alliance”.)

On January 23, the first meeting of the Xiamen Smart Home Industry Alliance was officially held. Many well-known smart home enterprises gathered to jointly seek the future development of the alliance, which caused great concern in the industry. The members of the alliance are all from different fields of the smart home industry, and they play different roles to jointly promote the growth of the smart home industry in Xiamen.

Under the recommendation of the members of the alliance, Chen Xuli, the chairman of LEELEN, became the vice president of the Alliance Council and will guide the work of the alliance and promote the development of the smart home industry. Chen Xuli said that the alliance brought together enterprises in all aspects of the smart home industry chain, and make the ecological life product industry chain moved to the industrial ecological chain through cooperation, greatly enhancing the user experience.

During the meeting, members of the alliance said that smart home is a new field, and the ability of a company is far from enough. Now is the era of cooperation and win-win, gather people and strengthen cooperation, and have a better breakthrough in smart products and innovative technologies.

The strong cooperation of many smart homes companies in Xiamen is of great significance to the development of Xiamen’s smart home industry. In the future, LEELEN will join hands with alliance members to make Xiamen smart home industry have a place in China and even in the world.

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